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Adssi HomeLiving Australia offers a wide range of practical HomeLiving services that promote choice, lifestyle and independence. For frail aged and people living with disability, this support can mean the difference between having to move into residential care versus continuing to live in their own home and community.

Home Care Packages (HCP) are allocated in levels, from Level 1 - Level 4.  The package allows you to have greater control over your in-home support.

Each level has a budget assigned and together with a contribution from you (maximum 17.5% of the single aged pension or maximum of 50% of any income above the maximum pension rate), the HCP is used to support you to remain living safely and independently in your home and community.

When you choose Adssi HomeLiving for your Home Care Package, you know you're in safe hands, with an accredited organisation, certified case managers, qualified and police checked staff in-home staff

The main difference between the home care levels is the amount of care and services that can be purchased. More care services can be purchased at level 4.

You design your own package to suit your needs. A Home Care Package can assist with:

  • personal care (showering and dressing);
  • general household chores like cleaning and meal preparation;
  • transport for shopping and medical appointments;
  • social support (visiting a friend, movies, lunch, hobbies)
  • personal safety, monitoring devices and other equipment;
  • home modifications (e.g ramps, rails)
  • gardens and lawns
  • wellbeing programs (gentle exercise at home or in a group), social outings (variety concerts, lunches etc), falls prevention programs, cooking and nutrition, men's group, technology programs and more

You can also use a Home Care Package to pay for your regular care needs while you are away on holiday.  And if you don’t use one or more of the services in your package for a period of time, because you are away or in hospital for example, you may be able to use or save some of the funds for other things.

There are some things you can’t use your home care package for:

  • paying your rent or mortgage
  • buying your groceries
  • paying for holidays

Click here to see our schedule of fees for the Central Coast:  Fee Schedule July 2018 Publication 1 - Central Coast 

Click here to see our schedule of fees for Northern Sydney: Fee Schedule July 2018 Publication 1 - Northern Sydney

If you have been approved for a Home Care Package (HCP) and would like to know how we can help you, please complete this form:


We can provide HCPs across the Central Coast, Maitland region and Northern Sydney areas. There are no hidden fees nor exit fees charged in an Adssi HomeLiving Australia Home Care Package. Please click here to see our charges: 

Fee Schedule July 2018 Publication 1 - Central Coast

Fee Schedule July 2018 Publication 1 - Northern Sydney

More Helpful Information

To find out how a HCP works, please click here: AHLA HCP Brochure

What does CDC look like? - Click here to learn more

You are encouraged to identify your goals – they become the basis of your care plan e.g. independence, wellness and re-ablement

You decide how much involvement you want to have in managing the package – as little or as much as you are comfortable and confident with

You are able to choose the way that services are delivered – who, what, when, how

You will receive an individualised budget (from the Government) following an Aged Care Assessment Team (ACAT) assessment. Adssi HomeLiving Australia will send you a monthly statement of income and expenditure including an updated balance.

You can expect ongoing monitoring and review, and a formal re-assessment by us, at least every 12 months.

How do I access aged care?

Your first step is to contact MY AGED CARE Gateway on 1800 200 422. If you are already approved for a HCP, please fill in the form (above) and we can help you get set up.

You will need an ACAT assessment :

If you want to access a Home Care Package, receive certain respite services, or to enter an aged care home.
The ACAT assessment is free and you can refer yourself, or a carer or GP can do it on your behalf. To arrange an ACAT assessment, plase contact My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 or www.myagedcare.gov.au
Click here for more information on the ACAT assessment: http://www.myagedcare.gov.au/eligibility-and-assessment/acat-assessments

How much does a Home Care Package cost? - Click here to learn more

The rules for income-tested care fees have been strengthened so that people who have the financial capacity to pay will be asked to pay a fee for the costs of their care. Your income will determine the income-tested care fee you may be asked to pay.

You can call My Aged Care on 1800 200 422 for further information. Before you call you should have your financial information ready, especially details of your various forms of income.
There are annual and lifetime caps in place to limit any income-tested care fees you may be asked to pay.  You can apply for financial hardship assistance if you believe you will have financial difficulty contributing to the cost of your Home Care Package.

Click here to see our schedule of fees Fee Schedule July 2018 Publication

What if I already have a HCP with another provider? - Click here to learn more

If you already have a Home Care Package and you would like to use Adssi HomeLiving Australia to provide the support, simply call our HCP Team on 1300 578 478 for help to make the change.

If your needs change and the type of service you receive needs to change, please contact MY AGED CARE on 1800 200 422.

Consumer Directed Care

Council of the Ageing (COTA) NSW provides further resources via their Home Care Today website. Click here to visit http://www.homecaretoday.com.au/consumer/faq

Very simply, CDC is a way of delivering services that allows you to have greater control over your home care support. It allows you to make choices about the types of support you access, who delivers them, and how and when those services are be delivered. You decide, in partnership with a provider, all these details that will best support your lifestyle, care and support needs.

Visit http://homecaretoday.org.au/consumer to find out more